donderdag 20 juni 2013

Building & developing: it's a personal thing....

We all know that building great client relationships is the key to long term business success. But how do we get there, and when we do, how do we know?
Building relationships takes time and effort. A lot of time and a lot of effort. It is not something that can be rushed. This is because it takes time to develop trust.
It is only really when we trust someone that we engage them professionally.

For a great client relationships it takes:
1. Trust
How strong is the relations trust in your professional competence, in you as a person, and in your business/company/organization? Can you work informally with them without checks and controls?
2. Transparency
Does the relationship openly share information with you about their plans, priorities, needs, etc?
3. Thought leadership
Are you perceived as a trusted advisor, who brings both subject matter depth and judgement to the table?Are you in control and have a honest win/win apporach?
4. Reference-abilty
Would that person give you a personal recommendation if asked? Are they proactively promoting you to their peers and contacts? Are they creating referrals for you?
5. Loyalty
How loyal is the rleatinship towards you and viceversa?
6. Breadth of service
How many products/services and what about souliton "selling"?
7. Overall Relevance
Are you one of many vendors or an essential partner? Are you supplier or partner in business?
8. Financial Performance
Are the financial dimensions of the relationship based on win/win?

Mario Kruysse 

vrijdag 14 juni 2013

Interim Management is cost effective and creates more added value

Interim managers are often more successful in putting a motion in process. Not only from a cost perspective, (Interim Managers are not more expensive than hiring/having permanent managers on paylist/employment) but also related to decisiveness, empowerment, result drivenness and planning. Not limited by "certain" interests an interim manager is focussed on the realization of the target with the timeframe agreed. 

Organisaties die daadkracht nodig hebben, een evolutie in gang willen zetten, een verander proces moeten doorvoeren kiezen veelal voor interim managers. Niet alleen kosten technisch, immers Interim Managers zijn niet duurder dan Managers in vast loondienstverband maar inspelende en gebruikmakende van de flexibilisering in de markt kan men meer resultaten bereiken. Niet belemmert door interne belangen maar doelgericht met daadkracht aan de slag ter realisatie van het beoogde doel in de daartoe gestelde termijn. Na interventie door de interim manager kan de orgnaisaties weer op eigen kracht verder op het nieuwe of hogere evolutionaire pad!
After intervention through interim management,  the orgnaiztion moves on back on its own power on the new or higher evolutionary path!