woensdag 10 januari 2018

Change Management & Gender inequalities in the workplace: the effects of organizational structures, processes, practices, and decision makers’ sexism!


Behavior is not so much a matter of nature or nurture, but of interaction between two individuals. 

According to Lewin (Master in modern Change Management) our behavior is determined by who we are and by the environment. This insight is still one of the foundations of social psychology. 

 B = f (P, E), behavior is a function of the person and the environment. 

In all organizations changing a (macho) culture, especially, bit not only, in technical environments where diversity and the female "share" in the organization are limited, it is still a "great"challenge. 

Realizing change in 3 steps through different methods & practices, utilizing the (female) potential creates a sustainable new balance within organizations where nowadays there still is a great imbalance. 

Feel free to ask for assistance! 
Mario Kruysse