dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Market entry & reshoring accelerates your business!

Coherent to developments in e.g. BRIC countries, management and entrepreneurs are re-considering their foreign production locations. Due to the increase of costs and based on economical stimuli in local and EU countries,  more and more companies deliberately choose to bring back their production. 

Following the development in the market, the demands of clients for customization, quality and short delivery times, it becomes more and more profitable to produce locally in smaller quantities with higher added value.... This trend of bringing back production is called reshoring. 

A quick scan cost analyses related to an adapted strategy anticipating on market demands and market developments gives innovators and early adopters a crucial competitive advantage.

Re-entering the local market or reshoring? SOMMOS provides you with the right insights and analyzes incl. the executional plan of action and accelerates your business!