woensdag 9 maart 2016

The secret of change is to focus on building the new, not on fighting the old!

Key factors for successful transformations

“Change is the only thing that’s constant round here”? 
Often heard and read! Nevertheless, only few transformations succeed, let alone are effective with sustainable result! 

Three main reasons why transformations in organizations often are not successful:

a) Organizations get stuck in their ways, especially when they are doing well, failing to spot the next big thing. 
b) lack of strategy, insufficient insight and poor communication.
c) people find it hard to change (insecurity). 

It’s hard to transform a business because it means changing the way people think and act. Change means “something new” and new means “insecurity”. We tend to stick to what we are used too…limiting us to be open for “new things”. Also applicable to personal development and new careers.

Mindset and communication are therefor key factor. I believe (and experience in our daily practice) that management and leaders don’t pay enough attention to employees’ beliefs and emotions.

Change programs are more successful when focus on people's mindset, attitude and behavior in order to align around the new strategy. 

And although often expertise in the organization is available, help and assistance form an expert and  outsider is welcome for advice, support, monitoring and success. 

Need help? Just mail or call in order to make an appointment to discuss the transformation challenge.

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