dinsdag 24 februari 2015

Growth through change and agility!

Almost every organization is faced with an increasingly dynamic environment and changing circustances. The need to respond quickly to changing conditions implies the need for "innovation" in several area's and is therefore increasingly important. The ability to respond quickly to changes in the environment is also called "agility".

Due to ongoing changing developments agility demands, therefore, for an innovative way of looking at work, deploying qualities of co-workers responding to questions of the changing circumstances. In other words, a combination of innovation-, adaptability and (talent) development- management.
In times of a crisis and post crisis period, most organizations are still focussed on re-arranging operational processes, cost and efficiency measures.

It basically boils down to resizing strict procedures, applying standardized skills in the form of job profiles and frameworks for departmental budgets and staff size. In general terms, most organizations have a ratio of operational / project work of 90/10. Although always necessary to remain focussed on efficiency improvements it might limit the agility of organizations to adapt the new or future circumstances.

Agile organizations however tackle challenges due to changing circumstances in a much more flexible, project oriented approach making clever use of the (other) talents and (other to be developed) skills of co-workers. To remain successful and agile, organizations should not be only focussed on product/service innovations, technological innovation, internal procedural matters related to efficiency etc. but should focus also on  "social innovation", whereas external developments and needs within ongoing changing circumstances leads to the ratio between operational / project work shifts from 90/10  towards 60/40.

Anticipating and preparing on "tomorrows day", future success is determined by the organization  innovation capability and agility. Successful innovation is only 25% due to technological and R & D "investments" and for 75% in the field of organization and the human agility!

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